Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well Hello!

Hello my precious Pasadena lulus its been too long I tell you! I just joined the Tyson's corner lulu clan, but rest assure you are all still near and dear to my heart. The store opens Sept 7th (yes I am on the opening team for yet another store) and get this.... THEIR MERCHANDISE IS ARRIVING PRE TAGGED !!!! Yea I choked on my smart water when Annie, our manager said it.

Okay enough of the silly things here is the reason why I am writing. I went to the most amazing Yoga class of my life today! It is at this place called down dog yoga, its hot yoga but not bikram the room is in between 87-90 degres and the have ceiling fans that keep the air circulating. And we dont have to do that make you almost pass out breathing in the beginning. Today my instructor was Gregory and boy did he kick butt the class was super challenging but he sprinkled continuous tips on how to further explore the poses. I did a toe stand TWICE. I could go on and on but bottom the class had amazing energy and I really think it was because of Gregory's great guidance. I walked out of that class feelng so empowered. I was floating on cloud nine. At the end of the class I gathered up my things and got in line to talk to Gregory, everyone ahead of me gushed about how great the class was promised to be back, as chatty as I am when I got to the front all I could manage to say was "I cannot being to tell you how amazing that class was..." He just said thank you Chauna (he memorized the entire class of 30 people) and told me he looked forward to seeing me again. I would probably try and go back tomorrow but I doubt I'll be able to move my arms. The vinyasas were frequent and fierce. 3 people were wearing lulu (including one hot pink whisper tank)

Love you all



Tori said...

Yeah!!! It is so great to hear from you! I was just thinking about you today, and how much you are missed around here. I love that you loved that class. That is so amazing! Guess what? I went to my first Bikram class today, and although I can't say I loved it as much as you, I really like it a lot. I did amazingly well for my first class, but it kicked my butt big time.

So, you must keep us posted with the store's opening and all the fun! We are doing well here. Megan is not back yet, and she has been missed too. I took over the scheduleing while she's gone, and I have a greater appreciation for that job, let me tell you.

Well, sweetie, hugs and kisses,


Rebecca said...

Hi Chauna!!!! I just wanted to tell you that I miss you a lot...Britt and I were talking about getting you out here for a weekend or coming to see you. She has mono now, so won't be for a loooong time cause she won't have money either. hahah How are things?