Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My First Bikram Class

I finally got up the nerve, and went to my first Bikram class. I went to the Pasadena Bikram Yoga. Jeff taught the class, and he was great! Although I don't really have anything to compare it to. I was able to talk to the owner Val beforehand, and that was great! They are planning an event with another studio, and would like Lululemon to be sponsor's. I told her to talk to Lessie about it, but it sounded great.

So, what can I say about Bikram? Um? It is not for the faint of heart! I was pushed beyond my comfort levels on so many levels. Ever sit in a Steam Sauna for a few minutes, and say enough is enough. Well, imagine being in that steam sauna, but not just sitting. OH NO! You are asked to do some stretching poses, balancing poses, strength poses, not once, but several times, and not just for a few minutes, but for an hour and a half! The cool thing was, by the second round, I found I could hold it longer, stretch a little further, or balance a little better. That felt really empowering! Jeff was really good about explaining and breaking down things for me, or helping me out when I looked completely lost. He did it in such a way that didn't make me feel bad, which I appreciated. He was very encouraging and patient.

If you haven't taken a Bikram class yet, I would highly encourage you to. I can now relate so much better to guests that come in who practice that type of Yoga.

If it works out with our schedules, I would love to go again with anyone who would like to join me!

I must go drink more water now! Peace, Tori


Chauna82 said...

Way to go Tori! Next time try taking Val's Saturday morning class she is hilarious!

Tori said...

I will! I was so sore today!!! I couldn't fit in another class, but am hoping to fit one in tomorrow am before my afternoon shift. I was soaked when I got out of there! We need to talk! Are you able to access your email now?