Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Practice in the Park with Lulu ambassador Scott Lewicki

I spent last Tuesday at Central Park with Scott Lewicki and friends. He's been doing a free summer series focusing on handstands, arm balances and acro yoga. I usually work my other jobs on Tuesdays and haven't been able to make it to the "class". Luckily I've had the last two weeks off and was able to finally make it out.

For those of you that have taken a class from Scott, you know this is no easy task. He challenges us in the best of ways. He's an incredible teacher and has taught me so much. I look forward to every Friday at Mission Street for his "Happy Hour". An hour and half long class of opening your heart, learning new things, and taking risks. He's guides us through each pose, supporting and encouraging us along the way. The classes are well thoughtout and structured (or so it seems!).

Practice at the Park is much more loose.
We arrive and decide a game plan as a group. His first question is "What would you like to work on today?"
The objective of the class is to try new things - upside down - and have a good time. Good? Sorry, I meant great.
With Scott Lewicki at the helm, it's always a great time.

At the Practice in the Park, you WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY AMAZING FRIENDS. It's not quiet like it is a studio. It's a much more open. We're outside playing on the grass. Conversations are taking place. People are laughing out loud. Remember when you were a kid and you would roll in the grass? Maybe down a slight hill? Now remember how you would rollrace your friends to the bottom?
Thats more like this class. Except it isn't a race and yet somehow you still get that exhilirated kid like feeling.

Tonight is the last class of the season. If you've ever thought about checking it out, I encourage you to be there.
I plan to leave work early to make it in time. It's just that good. WHOOPS! I mean GREAT!

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Tori said...


I absolutely love your descriptions! I am so thankful that you have been able to take advantage of such a generous offer from Scott. I spoke with Monique, and she loved the class as well.

Sorry I've missed them, but you allowed me to enjoy them through your experience. Thanks! Tori