Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey everyone!

Since this past Tuesday, my life has revolved around lululemon. When I met Tori she asked if I am the new girl working at lulu, and I said that yes, I'm going to be LIVING (note: not WORKING) at lululemon from now on.

Now, only 2 days later, I realize that my slip-up was quite prophetic -- as I attempt to soak up every bit of wisdom possible, I realize that I am indeed beginning to LIVE lululemon, which is great! I feel healthier already!

I start my shadow shifts tomorrow, but wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to training me -- by teaching me, watching me try on the whole store, showing me how to fold, answering questions, etc. I realize that this is just the very beginning of my learning process, but I'm so grateful for the team effort I've experienced so far. (And I promise many, many more questions in the future!)

I've also really enjoyed meeting everyone, and can't wait to meet those of you who I haven't yet. I already know I'm going to LOVE working at lulu!



Hey guys! I finally figured it out....slow one here! hahaha But I am glad I did because I wanted to update you all on where I am in my book. I am reading from Good to Great. I am not very far in it at all, but I am trying to read it during my breaks, so it might take a while! : ) But I am doing it, so that is what I am choosing to focus on. I am proud, what can I say? hehe

Anyway! I am right now reading about Level 5 leaders and what that means. This morning I was reading a bit and I notice that the examples of these leaders all had one consistent trait.

I have been having a hard time lately on trying to be at piece with who God made me to be and how to deal with it when it comes to my emotions. I don't want to deny myself the natural feelings invoked through things, but I feel that it has brought a lot of negative attention lately. This is hard to deal with because it is part of who I am. ( I promise I will get to the point in a second)

Do you remember when I gave my review for Pour Your Heart Into It, and I explained that I really loved the book because I could relate to the entrepreneurial spirit because it is within me? Well, Good to Great has that within it too, but these leaders all have a quality within them that has been talked about as a negative attribute. Here is an example, " Mockler had the reputation of a gracious, almost patrician gentlemen. Yet those who mistook Mockler's reserved nature for weakness found themselves beaten in the end." So instead of these leaders taking the initiative to change themselves, they all listened to their gut instinct and went with what felt right to them from the start. Sometimes I feel that in order to move forward in life and be able to have my own business and become the woman I want to be that I have to give up who I am and become bull headed, but this made me realize that I am thinking the opposite of what I should be.

I should be thinking that this might be what will make me, as a leader in business, unique and one step ahead of the gang. Bob Meers probably receives feedback about being kind of shy and reserved, maybe even that he isn't much of a people person, but look where he is today.

So, instead of wanting this to be inspirational just to myself, I thought I should share it with all of you. Maybe what we should take from our personal feedback is that we need to decide when and where we let that trait come into the picture. That we don't need to completely get rid of the quality and become someone we truly are not, but just that we need to learn where it is safe to have that trait take over as opposed to when we should tell it to shut up! haha I think I have go on enough, I hope that made sense and that what I was wanting to say truly came through my babel. HAHA!! :)

Love you all and see you soon!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My First Bikram Class

I finally got up the nerve, and went to my first Bikram class. I went to the Pasadena Bikram Yoga. Jeff taught the class, and he was great! Although I don't really have anything to compare it to. I was able to talk to the owner Val beforehand, and that was great! They are planning an event with another studio, and would like Lululemon to be sponsor's. I told her to talk to Lessie about it, but it sounded great.

So, what can I say about Bikram? Um? It is not for the faint of heart! I was pushed beyond my comfort levels on so many levels. Ever sit in a Steam Sauna for a few minutes, and say enough is enough. Well, imagine being in that steam sauna, but not just sitting. OH NO! You are asked to do some stretching poses, balancing poses, strength poses, not once, but several times, and not just for a few minutes, but for an hour and a half! The cool thing was, by the second round, I found I could hold it longer, stretch a little further, or balance a little better. That felt really empowering! Jeff was really good about explaining and breaking down things for me, or helping me out when I looked completely lost. He did it in such a way that didn't make me feel bad, which I appreciated. He was very encouraging and patient.

If you haven't taken a Bikram class yet, I would highly encourage you to. I can now relate so much better to guests that come in who practice that type of Yoga.

If it works out with our schedules, I would love to go again with anyone who would like to join me!

I must go drink more water now! Peace, Tori

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well Hello!

Hello my precious Pasadena lulus its been too long I tell you! I just joined the Tyson's corner lulu clan, but rest assure you are all still near and dear to my heart. The store opens Sept 7th (yes I am on the opening team for yet another store) and get this.... THEIR MERCHANDISE IS ARRIVING PRE TAGGED !!!! Yea I choked on my smart water when Annie, our manager said it.

Okay enough of the silly things here is the reason why I am writing. I went to the most amazing Yoga class of my life today! It is at this place called down dog yoga, its hot yoga but not bikram the room is in between 87-90 degres and the have ceiling fans that keep the air circulating. And we dont have to do that make you almost pass out breathing in the beginning. Today my instructor was Gregory and boy did he kick butt the class was super challenging but he sprinkled continuous tips on how to further explore the poses. I did a toe stand TWICE. I could go on and on but bottom the class had amazing energy and I really think it was because of Gregory's great guidance. I walked out of that class feelng so empowered. I was floating on cloud nine. At the end of the class I gathered up my things and got in line to talk to Gregory, everyone ahead of me gushed about how great the class was promised to be back, as chatty as I am when I got to the front all I could manage to say was "I cannot being to tell you how amazing that class was..." He just said thank you Chauna (he memorized the entire class of 30 people) and told me he looked forward to seeing me again. I would probably try and go back tomorrow but I doubt I'll be able to move my arms. The vinyasas were frequent and fierce. 3 people were wearing lulu (including one hot pink whisper tank)

Love you all


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks for Sharing

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been sharing your experiences with the rest of us.



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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Secret Life

Okay guys. It's time to come clean....I love gentle yoga. I've had an obsession with Jill Zepezauer's Viniyoga-based class at Yoga House since I moved to The 'Dena. I started taking it after I injured myself in my first and last "hot" yoga class -- the things we do for pre-branding :) I know what you are thinking, "Sweating to the oldies with the Silver Sneakers", but it's not the case at all. Jill is a quirky, fun-loving gal who makes you work and you don't even realize it.

Just to let you guys know a little about Viniyoga here is the latest from Wikipedia:

Viniyoga is a Sanskrit word that has multiple meanings. The root viniyuj means "to use", "to employ", "to do", among other senses.
The word appears in the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, where sutra 3.6 says that the application of the practice of saṁyama takes place in stages.
The term viniyoga has been used by T. K. V. Desikachar to describe his approach to utilizing the tools of yoga, in particular his conviction that yoga practice should be adapted to fit the individuality and particular situation of each practitioner

The thing I love about Viniyoga and gentle yoga is that anybody can do it. To me, the point of it is listening to your body, doing what you need to do to accomodate yoga for your body and habits (especially with the stress that modern life puts on your body), and tuning in instead of seeking escapism through that "workout yoga" high.

Who do you recommend this class to? I recommend it to anyone who has injuries, is new to yoga, wants to work on pranayama (breath), someone who wants to feel good - that's why I dig it :)
Who wouldn't be in to it? Folks who want to do yoga to lose weight, anyone with a short attention span (although it would probably be good for them), people who prefer vinyasa flow and weightbearing.

My favorite pose? Parighasana (Gate Pose) - please check out Yoga Journal's instructions for this pose at:

Anybody want to join me for her class this Friday at 11:00am?

Practice in the Park with Lulu ambassador Scott Lewicki

I spent last Tuesday at Central Park with Scott Lewicki and friends. He's been doing a free summer series focusing on handstands, arm balances and acro yoga. I usually work my other jobs on Tuesdays and haven't been able to make it to the "class". Luckily I've had the last two weeks off and was able to finally make it out.

For those of you that have taken a class from Scott, you know this is no easy task. He challenges us in the best of ways. He's an incredible teacher and has taught me so much. I look forward to every Friday at Mission Street for his "Happy Hour". An hour and half long class of opening your heart, learning new things, and taking risks. He's guides us through each pose, supporting and encouraging us along the way. The classes are well thoughtout and structured (or so it seems!).

Practice at the Park is much more loose.
We arrive and decide a game plan as a group. His first question is "What would you like to work on today?"
The objective of the class is to try new things - upside down - and have a good time. Good? Sorry, I meant great.
With Scott Lewicki at the helm, it's always a great time.

At the Practice in the Park, you WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY AMAZING FRIENDS. It's not quiet like it is a studio. It's a much more open. We're outside playing on the grass. Conversations are taking place. People are laughing out loud. Remember when you were a kid and you would roll in the grass? Maybe down a slight hill? Now remember how you would rollrace your friends to the bottom?
Thats more like this class. Except it isn't a race and yet somehow you still get that exhilirated kid like feeling.

Tonight is the last class of the season. If you've ever thought about checking it out, I encourage you to be there.
I plan to leave work early to make it in time. It's just that good. WHOOPS! I mean GREAT!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Good to Great, by Jim Collins

And here it is...the long awaited Good to Great report!

I think one could safely say the whole purpose for our library is to share inspirational ideas. So, the inspirational ideas from Good to Great could just about be lined up from the table of contents. Each chapter is built around one of the key differentiating concepts which emerged from a research study conducted by the author, Jim Collins. After having coauthored Built to Last, a research study which showed "how great companies triumph over time," Jim was curious about how a company which may not have started out great, could become great. The answers he and his researchers found are Good to Great.

The companies which they choose to investigate were selected for having been good and then having made a sudden change to great (average returns seven times the market) which was sustained (15 years+). They settled on 11 companies and then choose comparison companies which had similar size and performance at the outset, but failed to make the transition to great. They then set about to determine what had made the difference.

The general pattern they found was one of discipline--disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. Disciplined people manifested as what they called Level 5 Leadership and the principle of First Who....Then What. Disciplined thought showed up as a willingness to Confront the Brutal Facts and the Hedgehog Concept. Disciplined action was created through a general Culture of Discipline and their roles as industry Technology Accelerators.

Although all the concepts and structures were present in all of the companies, and each is integrated with the others, the ideas which had the most impact on me were First Who....Then What and the Hedgehog Concept.

First Who...Then What pertains to a human resources management style, which places emphasis on the quality of the person over the experience or education they may have. This was obviously borrowed by our beloved High-Lus, as one look at the great people I work with will tell you. By looking for people who are naturally passionate and invested in what they do, and giving them enough latitude to make their own solutions, there is no need to “motivate” (i.e. hound, pester, or parent). Make the general goals and character of the company clear, and let internally-motivated people find the best way to fulfill their role. Sounds familiar, huh?

This leads us to my second fav, the Hedgehog Concept, which is essentially a way to define the largest goals and overall direction for a company (or for oneself). The hedgehog in our story comes from an ancient Greek parable, "The Hedgehog and The Fox," which says that though “the fox knows many things...the hedgehog knows one big thing.” The next time you see a fox and a hedgehog together, watch and you’ll notice that the cunning fox is constantly re-thinking his attack, trying different angles, traps and ploys. The hedgehog thwarts them all by simply rolling into a spiny, unassailable ball and waiting for danger to pass. Every time. Again and again. He knows what works best for him, and he uses it.

This pastoral image translates to the business world through the application of Simplicity within the Three Circles. The Three Circles are actually questions a company asks itself. The first is, “What can you be the best in the world at?” the second is “What drives your economic engine?” and the third is “What are you deeply passionate about?” These three create the actual Hedgehog Concept itself, which is the intersection of the three questions. The example he gives us is to frame the questions for oneself (how convenient!). What do you have a genetic or God-given talent for? What are you passionate about and absolutely love to do? What are you paid well for, or how can you get paid more for doing what you love?

The intersection of these will provide you with the one thing you should focus on to the exclusion of anything else. These questions well applied should distill your work activity to what will make the biggest impact on your overall success and happiness, both financially and otherwise. Collins is equally emphatic that anything that falls outside of these three circles should be minimized if not eliminated, as in the long run, anything else will be a waste of time and energy. So while many companies try to diversify in times of crisis, organizations operating under a clear Hedgehog Concept only have to focus more strongly on what they already know works.

Good to Great was an excellent introduction to the kind of thinking that predominates at lululemon. After all, we are trying to elevate the world from good to great, one groove pant at a time!

Class Review Award

For the last two weeks, the winner of the class review award goes to Becky! Way to go Becky. You did a great job letting us know all about Bikram!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Have you guys tried Bikram?

Wow is it ever hot in there.
Last Sunday I went to Inga Colberts class. You may have met her in the window at our Community Day party?
Anyways, it was an amazing class.
Bikram is very different from any of the other yoga classes I've taken. For starters it was HOT HOT HOT. As in -your skin turns red and you feel like you might pass out - HOT.

I've learned a great deal from all of the classes and different styles I've tried out. There have been some common practices amongst the different teachings. Relax, close your eyes, alter the pose to what feels right for you, stretch the limits but stay within your means, clear your mind, center yourself, remember were all here together....

Welp, let tell you Bikram is very different. The room is heated between 90-110 degrees. I didn't ask, but I'd guess that Inga has the room heated to the max. You go through a series of 27 postures, keeping your eyes open the entire time. The room has 2 walls of mirrors that you are instructed to look at and focus on yourself at all times.
Between certain poses you are allowed to drink some water. The class is instructed in an almost military fashion. Once in the position, you must push harder and harder to reap the benefits of this style yoga. The instructor is pushing you the entire time. Although you may be singled out for a praise, nobody is given special attention. You have to focus on yourself and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Each pose is barked out at you a number of times. Reminders like "keep your plans down" " remember to open your eyes" and "lock your knees" all help to keep you properly aligned.

I may not be describing your typical yoga experience, but I loved every minute of it.
While you are encouraged to do do all the poses, your number one goal is to withstand the heat. While the instructors job is to push us, there is a feeling of support and encouragment. Because you are looking at and focusing on yourself while trying these poses, there is little time for the mind to wander. I loved the mental determination it required.

I most enjoyed the fact I was dripping in sweat. Sweat is one of the ways out bodies purify. It is great for the skin, the blood and the body.

I liked the challenge, the heat, the instructor, and the reminder to push myself beyond my limitations. I even liked being barked at.

Inga's style of teaching made try harder. I was a little put off at first. I went into the class with an expectation of what was going to happen.

It was a great reminder not to expect but to keep an open my mind and be open to new experiences.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

CATZ Function Show

Hey Guys,

It was great seeing you today! I can't wait for the CATZ Function Show on Aug. 16th!!

on board!

YES!! i'm finally on!! whee thanks rochelle ;)