Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pride and pleasure

We are a great team, we all know that, but we don't fully know all about each other's 'outside' lives. We chat about it and keep each other posted on the latest exciting news and adventures, but we rarely get the opportunity to experience that 'outside' life with each other.

I feel so lucky because I had a glimpse of Shad's other life as a teacher. I pulled up to Silver Lake yoga- it's just before 7am, and Shad's truck is the only car there. I bopped inside and there he was, sitting quietly, incense and candle burning. Seeing me there was out of context so it took him a moment to realize it was me, but once he did, he gave me a smile that made me instantly feel at home- like it was a surprise visit from a friend that you haven't seen in 2 years. Expressing gratitude is one of Shad's specialities.

The next woman that walked in was a woman named Sarah that had been in the store the previous day- we recognized each other, and the 3 of us felt that community connection that is so wonderful and rare. A couple other people joined us and then we began.

The first few minutes were incredible. I'm used to the teacher speaking and chanting and discussing a theme for the class, but Shad was so eloquent, yet made things seem so simple and clear. When you wake up, you have a moment where you don't know who you are or where you are- it's a true moment of innocence. You have no stress, no demands- instead you have a heart open to possibility and love. Shad explained that if you can learn to hold on to that moment, even for a few more minutes each day- you will be more open to life's offerings. Less 'should's' and 'needs'; more discoveries and gains. He also described that your body may feel stiff early in the morning, but it is also still. And being still is something that we all must learn to appreciate-it is a time for ourselves.

I admit as we moved through the class I peeked my eyes open to watch Shad- and I found his movements to be so smooth. It was clear he was in his element. I found myself feeling so proud of him, so happy for him that he has this passion in his life. And I also found myself feeling comfortable, relaxed, and ready to challenge the day ahead with a new sense of stillness.

After the others had left, Shad and I discussed life a bit. I felt so great in body, mind, and spirit, and I really encourage all of you to seek out any class of Shad's. You'll leave swelling with pride and pleasure.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Oh my gosh you guys! I did pilates on the reformer for the first time today and I swear it was so hard...I had no idea! I had to suck my stomach in and do all of these crazy hard twists and turns using muscles in a way I had never done before. It makes me appreciate how strong pilates people are and even though I'm a yogi at heart, I would definitely be interested in doing pilates reformer again--- I want to have that strong core!


Horoscopes Can be Great!

hello my lululemons -

So In my horoscope of today it said the following:

Experience everything that happens to its fullest and fill your mind with new and exciting ideas. This is a day of learning, and a day of experience. The growth you achieve today will help you down the road.

I feel that this can apply every single day, and each and everyone of us should carry that with us.

Hope you are all have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yoga Madre

Hey Team!! Mike, Freda and I went to yoga madre this morning and mike did a GREAT backbend. I didn't think the class was that hard, but now I'm feeling it all in my legs and my arms. Rene is a great teacher..

Much Love!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankkkk youuuuuu!

So - to say that I was excited when I got hired on as a seasonal educator with lulu is the understatement of the year. I was pumped for my in-store experience, getting to know other lulu's and the customers, and being in one of my favorite cities. What I didn't realize was how AWESOME my first "lulu-inspired" class experience would be.

I took Beginning Yoga at Yoga House with the lovely ambassador Carolyn Sachs on Monday night. I needed a TOTAL refresher yoga class and this was great. I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be pushing myself and breathing through the pose. The hour and half flew by so fast. We did partner poses and I had never done those in my life. I actually did down dog with my partner doing down dog with her feet on my lower back – and then I returned the favor!

I totally understand why Carolyn is one of our ambassadors. I introduced myself to her and she met me (and every other member of the class) with such warmth and openness. (And can I just say that I was so proud to be able to say "I work at lululemon"!!!!!!!) She was rocking her groove pants and Vinaysa tank! She was all about doing what felt right in a pose and provided us with a variety of different ways to do each pose. I was completely exhausted before the class and felt like a whole new person after! I’ll be taking the class again this coming Monday – come join me!!!

Next adventure: CATZ

I wanted to put a big fat THANKKKKKKK YOUUUUU out there in the universe for this awesome experience. I am having so much fun at lulu and spend my week excited for my next shift. See y’all tomorrow!!!!!


And a big welcome to all of our new Lulus! It's great seeing all these new faces around the store. So much energy and excitement! I just can't believe it is the middle of December already! So much happening so fast! I hope we all take time to live in the moment as much as possible.

There is a great website, that Jules shared with me, and I have since signed up to receive daily motivational quotes. I thought I would share it with you. If you are anything like me, this time of year is full of many things, to name just a few: Love, appreciation for loved ones still here, Deep sorrow over loved ones no longer here, stress, depression or anxiety over another year coming to an end and maybe unfulfilled dreams or goals, Excitement for a new beginning, Family, friends, money (or the lack of), Joy, Spiritual renewal, Shopping, Baking, parties, and oh did I already mention STRESS? These are just a few of a long list I'm sure we all could add to. The important thing to remember in all of this, is that each moment is an opportunity to leave something of yourself behind. Maybe it's a kind word to a stranger, or a smile to the stressed out mom in front of you in line. Let's all just really focus on being present in the moment.

Yesterday's gone, Tomorrow's not here yet, Today is a gift, that's why it's called the PRESENT! Give yourself the gift of being present this Holiday season, and spread Love and Good Cheer to those you come in contact with. It's like a boomarang, and always comes back to you!

Daily Motivation

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. --Moliere
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Hi Hi

I like this site. Very cool. I have an idea for a design for the underwear. Who can I contact to let them know my thoughts?

Yay!! I'm on the blog!

Oh my gosh my peeps. I'm on the blog now. Yeah, yeah, yeah!! I am going to blog my brains out from now on. So, what's everyone reading these days? I'm still reading 7 Habits and I absolutely love it. I am really learning about how action is derived from your values and ethics. This is wonderful because it brings to the light the nature of proactivity and being aware of your internal locus of control vs. feeling as though everything is controlled externally. HUGE difference!

Okay! Just a short note today. More later....

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Well I finally went to CATZ, and now I'm kicking myself for not having gone sooner!

Last week I went on both Tuesday and Thursday to Mike's classes. About 10 minutes after the Tuesday class I was already sore. The next day I could barely move. Anyone who worked with me can attest to the fact that I was hobbling/gliding around the store. I haven't been that sore in YEARS! And the day after was no better...

BUT, that soreness is what I am now addicted to! My fitness routine just hasn't been cutting it lately, and I'm sooo excited that I've found something that can re-inspire me, and that really is going to do great things for my body. I'm going next Tuesday as well, and when I get back from Portland I'm going to go 2-3 times a week and alternate this with cardio (I'm also slightly addicted to the eliptical machine...). I'm really excited!

It was awesome to do the class with some of you both days. We had a really great game of pick-up soccer after the workout on Thursday...because we wanted more of a workout? Freda said something along the lines of: only us crazy lulus would want more of a workout after the buttkicking we'd just gone through! So true!

I really, really encourage anyone who hasn't to go to CATZ. Join me next Tuesday, 6:30pm...