Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey guys! I finally figured it out....slow one here! hahaha But I am glad I did because I wanted to update you all on where I am in my book. I am reading from Good to Great. I am not very far in it at all, but I am trying to read it during my breaks, so it might take a while! : ) But I am doing it, so that is what I am choosing to focus on. I am proud, what can I say? hehe

Anyway! I am right now reading about Level 5 leaders and what that means. This morning I was reading a bit and I notice that the examples of these leaders all had one consistent trait.

I have been having a hard time lately on trying to be at piece with who God made me to be and how to deal with it when it comes to my emotions. I don't want to deny myself the natural feelings invoked through things, but I feel that it has brought a lot of negative attention lately. This is hard to deal with because it is part of who I am. ( I promise I will get to the point in a second)

Do you remember when I gave my review for Pour Your Heart Into It, and I explained that I really loved the book because I could relate to the entrepreneurial spirit because it is within me? Well, Good to Great has that within it too, but these leaders all have a quality within them that has been talked about as a negative attribute. Here is an example, " Mockler had the reputation of a gracious, almost patrician gentlemen. Yet those who mistook Mockler's reserved nature for weakness found themselves beaten in the end." So instead of these leaders taking the initiative to change themselves, they all listened to their gut instinct and went with what felt right to them from the start. Sometimes I feel that in order to move forward in life and be able to have my own business and become the woman I want to be that I have to give up who I am and become bull headed, but this made me realize that I am thinking the opposite of what I should be.

I should be thinking that this might be what will make me, as a leader in business, unique and one step ahead of the gang. Bob Meers probably receives feedback about being kind of shy and reserved, maybe even that he isn't much of a people person, but look where he is today.

So, instead of wanting this to be inspirational just to myself, I thought I should share it with all of you. Maybe what we should take from our personal feedback is that we need to decide when and where we let that trait come into the picture. That we don't need to completely get rid of the quality and become someone we truly are not, but just that we need to learn where it is safe to have that trait take over as opposed to when we should tell it to shut up! haha I think I have go on enough, I hope that made sense and that what I was wanting to say truly came through my babel. HAHA!! :)

Love you all and see you soon!



Tori said...

Yeah! Rebecca has joined the blog family! I am so glad you took the time to share your thoughts. I am pretty tired right now, but I just had to respond to such heartfelt sentiments. You touched on so many important things. One thing that jumps out to me, it that you should probably read "Know Your Strengths Now" By? I don't have the book right in front of me, and I can't remember the author's name. However, I know that Jules and Theresia are reading it. I read it a while ago, and when you purchase the book, it comes with a code to take a Strengths Finders Quiz on line, to see where your NATURAL strengths are. What you shared, is exactly what he covers. That we are to utilize our natural giftedness, instead of trying to fit into someone elses mold. Once you learn where your strengths are, then you can choose jobs or careers, where you can excel. After taking the test, you end up with 5 top strenghts. Mine are CONNECTEDNESS, RELATOR, EMPATHY, HARMONY AND ADAPTABILITY. For those of you who know me, know those are pretty true to form. They go into detail of what each of those strenghts mean, and I found it very helpful to know where and how I can best use the gifts and strenghts that God gave uniquely to me. You hit it on the nose, and you are so right. God made you just the way you are for a reason. That doesn't mean, that we are not called to greatness, and that might mean working on certain areas of weakness, it just means, that we must realize that we can not be it all. I love the imagery of Scripture where it talks about the body of Christ. We can not all be the head, or the eyes. The body can not function properly without each individual part doing what it was uniquely created to do. So, long story short, celebrate who you are and trust that there is a place for your unitqueness! That's what makes you special!

Love you! Tori

Rebecca said...

Thanks for responding Tori!!! I love to hear all the inspiration that has been coming from your heart lately. It has been such a great motivator to me.
Thanks for coming with my sister and I to get a pedicure yesterday! We had a good time and our toes look pretty..hehe :)

If any of the keyholders are done reading that book I would love to borrow some point. I have to finish Good to Great because my habit is to switch to a new book mid reading another one.....haha I am impatient with books I just want it to be quicker :). Maybe they should have a yoga class for impatient readers " Learn to calm your heart and mind before you read. Soon you will be able to finish a book!" Haha I am making myself laugh tooo much this morning....
See you later alligators,