Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Wow! So much has happened since my last post. I hardly know where to begin. I suppose the beginning is always good. The beginning of the new year held so much hope and promise. So what happens when things don't go your way? Well, you can choose how you respond. I have been listening to The 7 Habits on tape, after already having read it. It has helped me so much in so many ways. The first Habit, is accepting that you are you're own designer of your life. The Second, is start designing. I had to really put that into practice, after taking a terrible fall in the parking structure stairs at work. I have been up and down those stairs a million times, and I couldn't tell you what made the day I tripped any different. I have replayed that moment over and over again. It just happened. As it turns out, I had broken my fibula bone just above my left ankle. It was not the weight baring bone, so no surgery was needed. I was put in a cast for 9 weeks, and was told to not put any weight on it for the first 10 days. this was so not what I had put on my goals for the new year. I was just feeling at the top of my game again. Looking forward to some exciting prospects with the local dance studio. I was in the process of lining up some exciting classes for our team. Now what? I had to stop everything, and focus on allowing my body to heal. I wasn't about to feel sorry for myself. I looked at the opportunities to get caught up on some reading, needlepoint projects from when my son was born. (He's now 22!) What can I say? It also came at a time in my life, where my husband and I were about to make some major changes in where we lived. I focused on what was in my ability to do, and worked on letting go of the rest. I even managed to make it to several mat pilates classes with my crutches and cast attached. You'd be amazed at what one can do when one puts their mind to it.

So here's the big lesson through all of this. It made me focus on what was important at the time, and let the rest go. It made me appreciate so very much the opportunities that Lululemon had provided for me to take classes, which helped me to stay strong and healthy. It really made me realize how blessed I have been. I was a professional dancer, and I valued my health already, but this made me realize that there is more to a person than what one sees on the outside. I had to focus more on the inside, and be prepared mentally for the battle of gaining back my strength post cast. I was able to use a temporary handicap sign, and every time I used it, I prayed for all of those who will spend the rest of their lives using it. I only had 9 weeks.

Where am I now you may be wondering. Well, I am on two feet, and loving every minute of it. It has not been easy, but I am getting my strength back more and more everyday. My husband and I are thinking of moving to the West Side, so we are temp. staying in Westchester. I am now working at the Plaza El Segundo store, and am enjoying getting to know my new family of lulus. I miss my Pas. fam, and you will always be in my heart! I hope we will keep in touch, and keep spreading the lulu love!