Saturday, August 4, 2007


Have you guys tried Bikram?

Wow is it ever hot in there.
Last Sunday I went to Inga Colberts class. You may have met her in the window at our Community Day party?
Anyways, it was an amazing class.
Bikram is very different from any of the other yoga classes I've taken. For starters it was HOT HOT HOT. As in -your skin turns red and you feel like you might pass out - HOT.

I've learned a great deal from all of the classes and different styles I've tried out. There have been some common practices amongst the different teachings. Relax, close your eyes, alter the pose to what feels right for you, stretch the limits but stay within your means, clear your mind, center yourself, remember were all here together....

Welp, let tell you Bikram is very different. The room is heated between 90-110 degrees. I didn't ask, but I'd guess that Inga has the room heated to the max. You go through a series of 27 postures, keeping your eyes open the entire time. The room has 2 walls of mirrors that you are instructed to look at and focus on yourself at all times.
Between certain poses you are allowed to drink some water. The class is instructed in an almost military fashion. Once in the position, you must push harder and harder to reap the benefits of this style yoga. The instructor is pushing you the entire time. Although you may be singled out for a praise, nobody is given special attention. You have to focus on yourself and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Each pose is barked out at you a number of times. Reminders like "keep your plans down" " remember to open your eyes" and "lock your knees" all help to keep you properly aligned.

I may not be describing your typical yoga experience, but I loved every minute of it.
While you are encouraged to do do all the poses, your number one goal is to withstand the heat. While the instructors job is to push us, there is a feeling of support and encouragment. Because you are looking at and focusing on yourself while trying these poses, there is little time for the mind to wander. I loved the mental determination it required.

I most enjoyed the fact I was dripping in sweat. Sweat is one of the ways out bodies purify. It is great for the skin, the blood and the body.

I liked the challenge, the heat, the instructor, and the reminder to push myself beyond my limitations. I even liked being barked at.

Inga's style of teaching made try harder. I was a little put off at first. I went into the class with an expectation of what was going to happen.

It was a great reminder not to expect but to keep an open my mind and be open to new experiences.


Tori said...


I loved this!! It makes me want to take a class. We should go together some time.


Shad said...

I love yoga that asks you to "keep your plans down!" lol

Chauna82 said...

Becky! You finally went, I am so happy to hear that you had such a pleasant experience.