Monday, July 16, 2007

More classes at 24 Hour Fitness

Hey all!

Where are all the class highlights? I know you are out there going to them. Let us know.

I went to 24 Tease again at the 24 Hr. Fitness in Pasadena. It's a fun 1/2 hr. class. I stayed afterwards and took the 24 Lift. A really nice strength building class. The same teacher Vicki teaches both. She's good. She has yet to make it into the store, but keeps saying she is going to try. She was given an R&D packet awhile ago. After that, I went over to The Athletic Garage and took Belly dancing. It's so much fun! I keep telling Kamala that you guys want to go, so lets go! She invited me to attend a Egyptian Belly Dancing workshop the next night. Wow, it is much harder than you would think!

On Friday morning, I took a step class at the the 24 hr. Fitness near me. The teacher was Sam, and it was very fast paced. If you like a step class with lots of challenging combinations, this was it. I stayed for her Cowboy Boogie, which was a blast! Ye Ha!

The Luna Tour event at the Rose Bowl was great! Freda and Rochelle joined Becky and I along with some others. We even had some people who were just passing by stay and take the classes. Jim was awesome as usual, and worked us hard. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. Scott's class was equally fun, and we did a lot of partnering stuff which was new for me.

Get out there and keep spreading that Lulu Love!


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