Thursday, July 19, 2007

Equinox Classes!

This Monday I went to B.U.R.N Cardio and Hard Core Cuts at Equinox both of which were 30 minutes long. I've been to a good number of times now and have loved every class. These two classes focused on using the bosu (spelling?)! For those of you unfamiliar with the bosu, it looks like an exercise ball that's been cut in half and has a hard surface on the bottom. So it is half a ball and you can step on it, lay on it and do all sorts of things on it.
During Hard Core Cuts, we used the bosu to do a LOT of ab work and oh MAN were my abs crying! We also used the medicine ball during these core exercises.
B.U.R.N used the bosu for more of a cardio stepping class. Instead of a step block, we used the bosu. It was a lot of marching, stepping, and jumping on the bosu (great for balance!). It really got my heart rate up and the only complaint I have is that my feet were cramping as I wasn't used to doing so much stepping and jumping, etc on an uneven surface like that.

I got a great work out and every class I've gone to at Equinox has been an amazing experience. The instructors are upbeat and definitely know what they're doing! Plus, it seems like everyone at equinox is wearing lululemon! YAY!

go to equinox!



Tori said...
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Tori said...

I'm so glad to hear about these new classes Rochelle. You are doing an awesome job at getting out there and spreading the Lulu Love. Keep up the good work.

So do we have an account with them now? I thought it was hard for us to get in. If not, I should check out there schedule.