Saturday, September 29, 2007

A new Lulu...

Hey y'all!!! I think Jimmy is picking up my Southern accent. I just wanted to say hello and I'm so excited to be a part of the Pasadena Lulu team, and a part of the bigger Lulu team all over the world. This company rocks! Never have I encountered a company who I felt was determined to make me a better person, not just a better employee. Surf's up, see you soon!


--If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will see results.

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Tori said...

Hey Meredith!

Welcome to the Lulu Blog. So glad to have you join our team. What an exciting time for you. So much to learn and room to grow. I encourage you to take advantage of all of the opportunities this company can offer. Feel free to comment at any time, and share with us all what you are learning.
Blessings, Tori