Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, Theresia and I attempted our first Ballet class in years last night. I'd say we did pretty good considering. Make no mistake though, Ballet is not for the faint of heart! You think CATZ is tough!

So, we went to the Pasadena Dance Theatre. We met Michael, who works at the front desk. He was very nice, and we introduced ourselves and Lululemon. I told him about our Community board in our store, and that we have their schedule up. He asked if we had any fliers, and of course I didn't bring anything. So, I will make a point of taking some postcards in next time. A good thing to remember if you are trying out a smaller studio of any kind. I found out that they do take credit cards, and I believe a one time class is $15. They have a number of Adult Ballet classes, but as we found out, they are really more intermediate type classes. The bar work was very demanding, and the teacher moves very quickly. No time for explanations of things. You either pick it up fast, or your lost. Thank goodness there were others in the class I could follow! They have different instructors, and I'm sure each one brings something different to the class, but we are planning on trying the beginners class next time. More of a basic ballet class. So, if anyone would like to try Ballet for the first time, or get back into after many years, we would love to have you join us.

If you need Ballet shoes, there is the Red Shoes right across the street from Mission Street Yoga. They are very nice and helpful.

See you at the bar,



Chauna82 said...

How cool! I have been wanting to go to an adult ballet class. We have 3 almost professional ballerinas in tysons they have assured me that I wont make a huge fool of myself.

Tori said...

Hey Chauna,

It was so good to see you. What a pleasant surprise. Sorry couldn't spend more time catching up though. I hope all is going well there. As far as Ballet is concerned, if I can take a spinning class and make a total fool of myself,than you can certainly handle a ballet class. I think you'll love it! Tori