Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankkkk youuuuuu!

So - to say that I was excited when I got hired on as a seasonal educator with lulu is the understatement of the year. I was pumped for my in-store experience, getting to know other lulu's and the customers, and being in one of my favorite cities. What I didn't realize was how AWESOME my first "lulu-inspired" class experience would be.

I took Beginning Yoga at Yoga House with the lovely ambassador Carolyn Sachs on Monday night. I needed a TOTAL refresher yoga class and this was great. I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be pushing myself and breathing through the pose. The hour and half flew by so fast. We did partner poses and I had never done those in my life. I actually did down dog with my partner doing down dog with her feet on my lower back – and then I returned the favor!

I totally understand why Carolyn is one of our ambassadors. I introduced myself to her and she met me (and every other member of the class) with such warmth and openness. (And can I just say that I was so proud to be able to say "I work at lululemon"!!!!!!!) She was rocking her groove pants and Vinaysa tank! She was all about doing what felt right in a pose and provided us with a variety of different ways to do each pose. I was completely exhausted before the class and felt like a whole new person after! I’ll be taking the class again this coming Monday – come join me!!!

Next adventure: CATZ

I wanted to put a big fat THANKKKKKKK YOUUUUU out there in the universe for this awesome experience. I am having so much fun at lulu and spend my week excited for my next shift. See y’all tomorrow!!!!!

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Tori said...

Wow! How inspiring are you!!!

So glad you had a great experience, and you are so right about Carolyn! She is a gem! Keep posting and sharing your growth with the rest of us, becuase it motivates us to get out there too!