Thursday, December 13, 2007


And a big welcome to all of our new Lulus! It's great seeing all these new faces around the store. So much energy and excitement! I just can't believe it is the middle of December already! So much happening so fast! I hope we all take time to live in the moment as much as possible.

There is a great website, that Jules shared with me, and I have since signed up to receive daily motivational quotes. I thought I would share it with you. If you are anything like me, this time of year is full of many things, to name just a few: Love, appreciation for loved ones still here, Deep sorrow over loved ones no longer here, stress, depression or anxiety over another year coming to an end and maybe unfulfilled dreams or goals, Excitement for a new beginning, Family, friends, money (or the lack of), Joy, Spiritual renewal, Shopping, Baking, parties, and oh did I already mention STRESS? These are just a few of a long list I'm sure we all could add to. The important thing to remember in all of this, is that each moment is an opportunity to leave something of yourself behind. Maybe it's a kind word to a stranger, or a smile to the stressed out mom in front of you in line. Let's all just really focus on being present in the moment.

Yesterday's gone, Tomorrow's not here yet, Today is a gift, that's why it's called the PRESENT! Give yourself the gift of being present this Holiday season, and spread Love and Good Cheer to those you come in contact with. It's like a boomarang, and always comes back to you!

Daily Motivation

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. --Moliere
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