Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pilates at Club Sportif!

Hello all!

Yesterday I went to Sylviane's mat pilates class at Club Sportif! Sylvaine is super nice... One of the first things she asked me was if I am a dancer...when she heard I am a cheerleader she brought up the fact that she is getting a sport aerobics team together and is trying to find people...I told her it seemed like an interesting proposition, but I don't know if it's exactly my we'll see about that one...

It was just me and 2 other ladies in the class. I was really disconcerted at first because she turned the lights really low...maybe it's just personal preference, but I am more aware of my body when I can see what I'm doing really well in the mirror. The other women were regulars and knew most of the routine, but I caught on pretty quickly. I felt pretty good about it after, but overall it wasn't as challenging as I'd hoped. I really wanted a sore core today, and I don't feel it anywhere!

Anyway, I thanked her for the class after, and she told me she wants to come in to Lulu soon...she's in desperate need of bras. I told her we had some great options, so hopefully she will be in soon!

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Tori said...

Hey Jessica,

Sorry you didn't have as great a class as you would have liked. I really like her, and took her brand new boottie class. It was really good. I also took her armed and dangerous and Salsa class. It was really fun! Maybe you can try it another time. Maybe if we were to go together some time it would be more fun. Thanks for sharing though! Tori