Monday, October 15, 2007

club sportif

Soo...I'm know I'm not really part of the team anymore but I just wanted to say that I took a lot of classes at Club Sportif and focused on getting Sylvianne to join R&D (has she done that yet?). Anyways, her brand new booty class kicked my well booty every time and she works on the core in that class much more than in her Pilate's class. You should try it and see what you think!

...Enough from me...miss you guys!

-- Rochelle

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Tori said...


Great to hear from you again. I went back a couple more times and took her Salsa class and the bootie and arms class. I really like her. I asked her again about the R&D program, and she said she had the application and needed to take a look at it. She said she was going to get into the store. We have sent several guests over there, and Shad was teaching a yoga class over there for her. We're working on it. I know she'll come around. Hope all is going well for you. Miss you too! Tori