Friday, November 30, 2007

Classic Kickboxing Kicked my you know what!!

Hey all!

Well, I finally went to my first real kickboxing class. I've been to kickboxing classes before. Just none that could compare to this. I even have taught group exercise classes that contained kickboxing moves. Boy was I wrong. Who knew you had to have a big huge bag that was attached to the floor and ceiling to have it really be a true kickboxing class. What a difference that bag makes. It's like trying to learn to fight by punching the air as apposed to a real person. Yikes! Mauricio was great! Very excited about Lululemon, and really gets it. He took me around their impressive little establishment, and shared with me what makes them different from say a kickboxing class at a regular gym. That way, we can really promote them authentically! There were two other women in the class, and I must say I was a bit jealous of their pink and hot pink boxing gloves. Um? Maybe I can add that to my Christmas wish list. If you want to try it out though, don't worry about going out and making an investment right away in gloves. They will provide you with hand wraps and gloves. I felt so menacing in them. Be prepared to do many kicks and punches, and you will be sore the next day. A great workout and fun! I highly recommend it, and I will go back for sure! A great way to work off some frustrations as well! Not that I have any mind you, but in case you do!

Happy Punching!


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